Nolde and the North
16.10.2021 — 23.1.2022

Current Exhibition

Emil Nolde is one of the best known and, due to his later National Socialist convictions, one of the most controversial artists of classical modernism. The exhibition, mounted by Bucerius Kunst Forum in cooperation with the Nolde Stiftung Seebüll, examines the artist’s early work for the first time in relation to nordic art. Around 80 of the artist’s works, most of them produced between 1900 and 1902, are juxtaposed with paintings by his Nordic contemporaries.

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Minimal Art
Bodies in Space
12.2. — 24.4.2022

Primary structures, the use of industrially manufactured materials and a high degree of surface aesthetics are the hallmarks of Minimal Art, which emerged in the USA in the early 1960s. The exhibition at the Bucerius Kunst Forum is the first to examine the sensual side of Minimalism.

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Herbert List
The magic Eye
14.5. — 11.9.2022

The Bucerius Kunst Forum is presenting the first international survey exhibition of the work of Hamburg-born photographer Herbert List (1903 – 1975) in more than two decades.

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New images in the age of Augustus 8.10.2022 — 15.1.2023

The reign of Augustus marked a turning point in Roman history. Rome’s first emperor (27 BC to AD 14) not only possessed immense power but also developed novel communication strategies. The first Augustus exhibition in Germany in more than 30 years presents pictures and monuments from this period by way of international loans.

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