Nolde and the North
16.10.2021 — 23.1.2022

Emil Nolde: Two on the Beach (Detail), 1903, Nolde Stiftung Seebüll, Fotocredit: Fotowerkstatt Elke Walford, Hamburg, und Dirk Dunkelberg, Berlin, Fotobesitz: Nolde Stiftung Seebüll © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll

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The exhibition

Emil Nolde is one of the best known and, due to his later National Socialist convictions, one of the most controversial artists of classical modernism. The exhibition, mounted by Bucerius Kunst Forum in cooperation with the Nolde Stiftung Seebüll, examines the artist’s early work for the first time in relation to nordic art. Around 80 of the artist’s works, most of them produced between 1900 and 1902, are juxtaposed with paintings by his Nordic contemporaries, including Georg Nicolai Achen, Anna Ancher, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Viggo Johansen, Peter Ilsted, Peder Severin Krøyer, Laurits Andersen Ring and Jens Ferdinand Willumsen.

In 1900 Nolde visited the World Exhibition in Paris and was deeply impressed by the Scandinavian art shown there. In the same year he decided to travel to Copenhagen, rented a studio and devoted himself to study Danish painting. Motifs and approaches typical of Nordic painting inspired Nolde's own unconventional compositions. One of his key themes at the time was the world of fantasy, and the artist looked to both literary sources and Nordic oral legends for his subjects. The Scandinavian influence can also be felt in his interior scenes and atmospheric landscape paintings. Thus, Nolde's time in Denmark contributed significantly to the development of his art.

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Nolde and the North
Exhibition Catalog

Publisher Bucerius Kunst Forum and Nolde Stiftung Seebüll
Articles by Astrid Becker, Sören Groß, Annika Landmann, Magdalena M. Moeller
Description ca. 220 pages with color illustrations of the exhibited works
Publishing house Hirmer Verlag, Munich
Price in the exhibition 29,90 Euro

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Two times Nolde in Hamburg

At the same time, the Hamburger Kunsthalle presents »I USUALLY PRIME WITH CHALK…« Emil Nolde’s Painting Technique (16.10.2021 - 18.04.2022). This studio exhibition presents the results of an interdisciplinary research project on Nolde's working methods and materials, which the Hamburger Kunsthalle has been conducting since the autumn of 2018 together with the Doerner Institute of the Bayerische Staatsgemälde­sammlungen, Munich, and the Nolde Foundation, Seebüll. On the basis of eleven paintings, the exhibition provides the first in-depth insight into Emil Nolde’s painting techniques, which are important for understanding his works.

A combined ticket for both exhibitions is available via the Bucerius Kunst Forum ticket shop.

arte film "Art and Calculation: The Whole Nolde"

Emil Nolde, famous as a colorful Expressionist of the North, is probably also the best known of the artists ostracized as "degenerate" - no other painter had so many works confiscated and put on public display under National Socialism. The extent of his own National Socialist, anti-Semitic sentiments was long concealed and only recently has been more intensively researched and much discussed.

The current documentary film Art and Calculation: The Whole Nolde by Maria Anna Tappeiner, arte / ZDF, Germany 2021, now traces these two aspects: Nolde's attitude during National Socialism and the painting style of a passionate artist.

Film in German —



Zeimal Nolde in Hamburg

Die Hamburger Kunsthalle präsentiert parallel zur Ausstellung im Bucerius Kunst Forum „Meistens grundiere ich mit Kreide…“ Emil Noldes Maltechnik (16.10.2021 — 18.4.2022). Diese Studioausstellung stellt die Ergebnisse eines interdisziplinären Forschungsprojekts zu Noldes Maltechnik und Arbeitsweise vor, an dem die Hamburger Kunsthalle zusammen mit dem Doerner Institut der Bayerischen Staatsgemäldesammlungen München und der Nolde Stiftung Seebüll seit Herbst 2018 gearbeitet hat. Anhand von elf Gemälden gibt die Ausstellung erstmals einen vertieften Einblick in die maltechnische Herangehensweise Emil Noldes, die wichtig für das Verständnis seiner Werke ist.

Kombitickets für einen Besuch beider Ausstellungen sind über den Onine-Shop Bucerius Kunst Forums unter „Ermäßigungen” erhältlich.

arte-Film „Kunst und Kalkül: Der ganze Nolde“

Emil Nolde, berühmt als farbstarker Expressionist des Nordens, ist wohl auch der bekannteste unter den als »entartet« verfemten Künstlern – von keinem anderen Maler wurden im Nationalsozialismus so viele Werke beschlagnahmt und öffentlich zur Schau gestellt. Das Ausmaß seiner eigenen nationalsozialistischen, antisemitischen Gesinnung wurde lange verschwiegen und erst in der letzten Zeit intensiver erforscht und viel diskutiert.

Untersucht wurde in den vergangenen Jahren im Rahmen eines kunsttechnologischen Verbundprojekts auch die Arbeitsweise Noldes, die nun in drei Ausstellungen mündet und neueste Ergebnisse präsentiert. Der aktuelle Dokumentarfilm Kunst und Kalkül: Der ganze Nolde von Maria Anna Tappeiner, arte / ZDF, Deutschland 2021, spürt jetzt diesen beiden Aspekten nach: Noldes Haltung im Nationalsozialismus und der Malweise eines leidenschaftlichen Künstlers.

Zum Film —


Curator's Talk 

n our video series Curator's Talk, Kathrin Baumstark, artistic director of the Bucerius Kunst Forum, talks with guests from journalism, politics and culture about the exhibition Nolde and the North and the artist figure Emil Nolde.

In our first video, she talks with Stefan Koldehoff, journalist, author and editor of Deutschlandfunk, about Nolde's ambivalent biography, his self-dramatization before and after World War II, and the central questions that arise: Can Emil Nolde still be exhibited today? And if so, in what form? How can art and culture makers deal with this legacy?


In our second video in the Curator's Talk series, Kathrin Baumstark, artistic director of the Bucerius Kunst Forum, talks with Manfred Lahnstein, politician, manager, and longtime chairman of the board of trustees of the ZEIT Foundation. He talks about Helmut Schmidt's fascination with Nolde's art, about the reception of Nolde's work and biography in the early Federal Republic and also in literature - as in the 1968 novel "Deutschstunde" by Siegfried Lenz.


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