New images in the age of Augustus
8.10.2022 — 15.1.2023

Kopf des Augustus mit Bürgerkrone im Typus Primaporta Claudische Replik (um 40 n. Chr.) eines Vorbilds um 27 v. Chr., Marmor, München, Glyptothek, Inv. GL 350A

The reign of Augustus marked a turning point in Roman history. Rome’s first emperor (27 BC to AD 14) not only possessed immense power but also developed novel communication strategies. The first Augustus exhibition in Germany in more than 30 years presents pictures and monuments from this period by way of international loans.

Honorary statues, state reliefs and coins bearing the emperor’s countenance proliferated throughout the Augustan empire in hitherto unimaginable numbers. A boom in construction changed the face of Rome. The new relish for imagery is particularly evident in the private sphere, where motifs revolving around the mythological world of Bacchus and Venus are far removed from the political symbolism in public space.

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