Max Pechstein
A Modern Artist
20.5. — 3.9.2017

Max Pechstein: Sitzender junger Mann (Harry Kaprolat) (Detail), 1917, Brücke-Museum Berlin, Karl und Emy Schmidt-Rottluff Stiftung

Max Pechstein
A Modern Artist

20.5. — 3.9.2017

The exhibition Max Pechstein: A Modern Artist is the second part of the Modern Art Trilogy held at the Bucerius Kunst Forum in 2017 and 2018. For the first time an exhibition in Hamburg is exploring the work of the Expressionist Max Pechstein (1881–1955). It will recognize the artist as a pioneering representative of modern art. Pechstein was one of the first German artists to adopt the means of expression used by the French Fauves, transforming it into his own original style. Elements of Cubism appeared after 1912, and after 1914 impressions from his journey to the South Seas found their way into his work. In the 1920s he painted landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits along with radiant sunsets in dramatic compositions. By this time Pechstein had become one of the most successful artists of his generation. During the “Third Reich” Pechstein withdrew into inner emigration at the Baltic Sea. After the war he played a pivotal role in establishing the art scene in Berlin.

The exhibition examines the Pechstein phenomenon.

The exhibition is sponsored by Bankhaus Lampe and Lampe Asset Management.


daily 11:00 am — 7:00 pm
thursday 11:00 am — 9:00 pm

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Max Pechstein
A Modern Artist

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Editors Magdalena M. Moeller, Franz Wilhelm Kaiser and Kathrin Baumstark
Articles by J. Dahlmanns, R. Joppien, P. Kropmanns, P. Lewey, P. Thurmann and R. Zieglgänsberger
Description 196 Pages
156 Images
Publishing House Hirmer Verlag,
Price 39,90 Euro
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