New images in the age of Augustus.
Power and Media in Ancient Rome

8.10.2022 — 15.1.2023

Current Exhibition

The reign of Augustus marked a turning point in Roman history. Rome’s first emperor (27 BC to AD 14) not only possessed immense power but also developed novel communication strategies. The first Augustus exhibition in Germany in more than 30 years presents pictures and monuments from this period by way of international loans.

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Gabriele Münter.
The Human Image
11.2. — 21.5.2023

The work of the important German Expressionist will be presented for the first time in Hamburg. The show looks far beyond the long-established perception of Gabriele Münter (1877–1962) as part of the Blauer Reiter to focus instead on the artist’s portraiture.

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Lee Miller.
A Photographer between War and Glamour
10.6. — 24.9.2023

Photographer, model, muse, Surrealist, war correspondent: Lee Miller (1907–1977) is one of the twentieth century’s most versatile artists. The exhibition presents her photographic oeuvre with around 150 photographs from the period from 1929 to 1951.

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