Day-Care Centres and Schools

We offer an extensive educational programme for day-care centres, school classes and individual groups: guided tours, museum talks and projects can be adapted to suit the different groups to make our diverse exhibition themes accessible in an age-appropriate manner. Following a guided tour, the participants have the opportunity – after registering in advance – to exercise their creativity in the artists’ studio, interpreting with various materials the artworks they have seen.

We have separate opening times for day-care centres and schools. Monday to Friday from 9 to 11 am, we are open exclusively to school groups; however, guided tours are also possible between 11 am and 7 pm daily. Advance booking is necessary, even if you as the teacher act as a guide yourself. 

Duration 60 minutes
Admission 70 euros

Small expedition
During the guided tour the exhibition themes are presented in an age-appropriate manner using selected works as examples.

Duration 90 minutes
Admission 88 euros

Big expedition
During the museum talk for school groups there is more time for a dialogue-based approach to individual exhibition themes.

Duration 90 minutes
Admission 88 euros

Explore, discover and try
The workshop for school classes combines the guided tour with art-making in our studio space.

Art education at eye level

How do you bring complex exhibition topics closer to the young target group of schoolchildren without boring them with dry theory and technical knowledge? 

In direct contact with school guides of the same age or only slightly older, young visitors experience art in a completely different way than in a classic guided tour. Specialist knowledge is imparted in small groups at eye level and encourages them to actively participate by asking questions and commenting - without the feeling of being lectured to by an adult. In direct communication with the visitors, the guides can respond directly to the questions and interests of the guided group and react appropriately.

Open to all

With the project students lead students, the Bucerius Kunst Forum enables as many young visitors as possible to participate in cultural education at the museum. True to the guiding principle "open to all!", the project is aimed at all school types and grades. Due to the immediacy of the mediation, the offer is also suitable for first-time visitors to the museum and groups without previous artistic training. 

Young art experts

With its model character, the project Pupils Lead Pupils is an indispensable component of the Bucerius Kunst Forum's outreach work. Students from the art profile courses of the Wilhelm-Gymnasium and the art club of the Johanneum deal with the subject matter of current exhibitions at the Bucerius Kunst Forum and pass on their knowledge to other school classes in guided tours. 

The guides prepare for each exhibition with great enthusiasm and commitment. The young art experts are supported and guided by the academic team of the Bucerius Kunst Forum by sharing the exhibition concept and museum pedagogical information.

General Information
This event is in German.

The offer is free of charge.


Duration 180 minutes
Admission 142 euros

The programme comprises a museum talk and a practical component where participants can try their hand at more advanced and complex techniques (printing techniques, acrylic painting, airbrushing etc.) than in the standard studio course.

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