Students guide students

How can we get young museum visitors interested in an exhibition theme without boring them with too much theoretical and technical information?

The Students Guide Students project is an innovative way of conveying art to young people. The art students at the Wilhelm Gymnasium secondary school and the arts work group at the Johanneum secondary school study the subjects of the latest exhibitions at Bucerius Kunst Forum and pass on their knowledge to students from different schools and age groups.

Approximately 50 students from both schools are currently participating in the project, which was initiated in early 2009 by Dr. Karin Maak, art historian and art teacher at the Wilhelm Gymnasium. The project has attracted nationwide attention and has won awards in the schule@museum and Kinder zum Olymp (Children to Olympus) competitions. To date, around 60 classes, from primary school age to their final year of secondary school, have been guided through the various exhibitions, including classes from socially disadvantaged areas. In addition to students from Hamburg, groups from the neighbouring states of Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony have also taken advantage of this offer.

The young “art experts” are supported by Bucerius Kunst Forum’s curators and art educators, who provide them with information on the exhibition concept and tips for conveying knowledge in a museum environment. The students prepare their guided tours with an abundance of enthusiasm and commitment, eager to pass on what they’ve learned to other school classes. In direct interaction with student guides who are the same age or just slightly older than they are, the young visitors experience art in a totally different way – without having the feeling of being lectured to by an adult. Specialised knowledge is conveyed by peers, inspiring the listeners to participate more actively by asking questions or commenting.

Adult visitors benefit from this innovative access to art too: During the Long Night of Museums the students act as art scouts and are available to answer exhibition guests’ questions.

This offering is free of charge.

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