Cultural Initiative - Your city

Primary school students discover their city

The Your City cultural initiative has been organised and funded by the Bucerius Kunst Club, Bucerius Kunst Forum’s friends association, since 2012. Since the project was initiated, various painting techniques have been taught in a hands-on and playful manner to primary school classes from the districts of Altona, Billstedt, Neugraben and Harburg following a visit to an exhibition at Bucerius Kunst Forum.

The art adventure for the school classes already starts on their way to the exhibition: The artist and art educator Claudia Behling, who has accompanied the project from the start, meets the participants and travels with them to the city centre. The children gain their first impressions during the trip and upon arrival at Rathausmarkt. At Bucerius Kunst Forum they are taken on an age-appropriate guided tour of the exhibition. Then, inspired by the themes of the artworks, they receive some practical instruction in our studio. The students can use various creative techniques to produce their own works. Afterwards, a snack is served for all participants. In addition, the students receive free admission tickets for their parents so that the little art experts can confidently show the adults around the exhibition on their next visit.   

For Claudia Behling, exploring and discovering are the key aspects. The participating students come from different districts of Hamburg and few of them regularly get a chance to visit the city centre. Many of the children have never visited an art exhibition before. Outside the familiar school environment, the children enjoy some new experiences and learn in a playful manner to make the connection between daily life in a big city and the creative process.

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