Art and Dementia

With the Art and Dementia project, Bucerius Kunst Forum provides a chance for cultural participation for visitors with dementia-related conditions. This project is aimed at improving the quality of life and communication abilities of people affected by these conditions through participation in arts and culture.

In the spring of 2017, Art and Dementia was initiated as a pilot project in close collaboration with the nursing home KATHARINENHOF® an der Mühlenau. The objective of the project is to give people who are often isolated from social interaction and who possibly can no longer take part in public life on their own an opportunity to experience art. The exhibition is opened exclusively for these visitors and thus provides a private, protected setting for the participants.
The 90-minute programme organised by Bucerius Kunst Forum includes a guided tour through the exhibition in very small groups. Afterwards, the participants can get creative using different materials.

Together with art educator Sabine Rizzello, a project has been developed that is designed to create lasting positive impressions through a particularly sensory and associative experience of the exhibits. The artworks inspire the visitors to express themselves. The experience is intended to bring back memories that create a connection to the visitors’ current reality. This gentle approach is continued during a visit to the studio, where the participants can experiment with shapes and colours in a playful manner. Individual masterpieces are created while the impressions from the exhibition are still fresh in the visitors’ minds.

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