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In June 2019 the Bucerius Kunst Forum moved to new premises on Alter Wall – just a few metres from the previous location. Behind the historic façade are four storeys devoted to the arts.

Exhibition gallery
The concept of hosting focused exhibitions will be maintained, so that the exhibition gallery is only slightly larger than the one in the former building. At the new Bucerius Kunst Forum, art is presented on a single storey within this gallery, configured differently depending on the exhibition and either used as an uninterrupted space or divided into several smaller cabinets.
The new exhibition space is deliberately not conceived as a White Cube but instead quotes elements visitors will be familiar with from the former gallery with its columns, illuminated ceilings and dark terrazzo elements. At the same time, it incorporates the state of the art in lighting and climate control. This ensures that the Bucerius Kunst Forum will continue to be able to secure loans from museums such as MoMA, the Louvre and the Prado.


Auditorium and courtyard
A separate storey with auditorium and adjacent courtyard is now available for events such as readings, concerts, discussions, poetry slams and lectures. The new building thus has double the space for the event programme.


Service areas and Bucerius Book Shop
On the ground floor and lower level there are now significantly more spacious service areas to better meet the needs of the public. The ground floor also accommodates the new Bucerius Book Shop, which has been expanded to make space for a wider variety of content ranging from art to music.

The glazed studio at canal height on the lower level makes the educational programme for all ages more transparent and offers more room for creative work and new formats.


There are three access routes to the building: via Alter Wall, via the new Fleetbrücke bridge, which connects Neuer Wall with the Bucerius Passage for pedestrians, or via the underground car park underneath the building with direct access to the Bucerius Passage.