Experience the exhibition digitally

Experience the exhibition digitally

In our free digital essay we take up an issue of the current exhibition and put it into context with selected works. The artistic ideas and intentions, the genesis of individual works, the art historical context as well as the relationship of the artists to their works are brought closer to the visitors through creative storytelling and numerous illustrations. Both before and after visiting the exhibition, visitors can thus explore the world of the artists and their works.

Experience our exhibition now at home or on the go, on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Digital essay on the exhibition

Scroll through the world of David Hockney and meet his friends and family. Our digital essay is dedicated to Hockney's famous double portraits, which are shown in our current exhibition. Find out what these works tell us about the shown people and their relationships with each other and with the artist himself. Explore what Hockney wanted to capture and portray in these works and why he portrayed people he cared about. The content is in german language.

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