Ferdinand Hodler and Cuno Amiet
28.1. — 1.5.2012

[Translate to english:] Cuno Amiet: Die gelben Mädchen, 1931, Kunstmuseum Bern

Ferdinand Hodler and Cuno Amiet

28.1. — 1.5.2012

Artistic friendships have always been an exciting mixture of friendship and rivalry. For the first time, an exhibition is being dedicated to the artistic interaction between Ferdinand Hodler (1853–1918) and Cuno Amiet (1868–1961). These were the two artists who shaped the Europe-wide advent of the art nouveau movement in Switzerland.

Hodler was fascinated by Amiet’s brilliant palette and his loose painting technique. The younger Amiet admired the symmetry, ornamentation and linearity of Hodler’s works. However, Amiet’s paintings such as The Yellow Hill from 1903 (Kunstmuseum Solothurn), already display a potential that goes beyond Hodler. The painters of "Die Brücke" recognized this and included Amiet in their artistic group.

This exhibition has been designed in conjunction with the Kunstmuseum Solothurn which holds the most prominent collection of Amiet’s paintings. Loans for the exhibition come from major Swiss museums and numerous private collectors.


Exhibition from 15.6.2024
daily 11:00 am — 7:00 pm
thursday 11:00 am — 9:00 pm

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Ferdinand Hodler and Cuno Amiet
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Editors Christoph Vögele, Ortrud Westheider and Michael Philipp
Articles by Monika Brunner, Barbara von Flüe, Eva Hausdorf, Franz Müller, Dietrun Otten, Sylvie Patry, Christoph Vögele and Ortrud Westheider
Publishing House Hirmer Verlag,

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