Anton Corbijn (1955): <i>Sinéad O'Connor</i>, Dublin 1990

Anton Corbijn
The living and the dead

7.6.2018 — 6.1.2019

Current Exhibition

The exhibition Anton Corbijn. The Living and the Dead at Bucerius Kunst Forum examines the seldom-posed question: When does photography become art? Like so many photographers, Corbijn has been navigating between artistic and commercial photography in his career. He first gained international acclaim for his iconic portraits of bands and musicians like Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Tom Waits, U2, and the Rolling Stones. Many of these well-known works originated during commercial shootings that pushed Corbijn to fight for his creative freedom.

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Christian Schad, Halbakt (Detail), 1929

From Otto Dix to August Sander
New Vision – New Objectivity
9.2. — 19.5.2019

After 1918 many artists strove to differentiate themselves from Expressionism and Pictorialism by adopting a more objective and realistic mode of representation, establishing a new style that was dubbed New Objectivity in painting and New Vision in photography.

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Shirin Neshat: Roja, 2016 (Video-Still). © Shirin Neshat, Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York / Brüssel

From Andreas Gursky to Shirin Neshat
Here we are today
8.6. — 29.10.2019

Under the title Here We Are Today, the Bucerius Kunst Forum is presenting paradigmatic positions in the artistic engagement with central issues of our globalised society, among them identity, crimes against ethnic groups, capitalism, homeland and migration, and reflections on coming to terms with history.

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Disney, Rockwell, Pollock, Warhol
American Culture, American Tastes
19.10.2019 — 12.1.2020

This exhibition brings together four personalities who – each in their own way – shaped visual culture in the USA.

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