Nutrition Makes History


Live SPIEGEL Talks
Wednesday, 13.2.2019
8:00 pm — 10:00 pm

The SPIEGEL talks ask current questions about the past and examine their influence on the present.

The event will be in German.

In cooperation with SPIEGEL GESCHICHTE.


Greeting Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffmann, Managing Director of the Bucerius Kunst Forum
Participants Prof. Dr. Gunther Hirschfelder, Professor of Comparative European Ethnology at the University of Regensburg with Dr. Eva-Maria Schnurr, editor at SPIEGEL magazine
Ticket 10 euros / reduced price of 8 euros

Tickets for the events can be purchased online or at the following ticket offices:

Ticket office at the Bucerius Kunst Forum
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Thursdays 11:00 am — 09:00 pm

Gerdes Theater- und Konzertkasse
Rothenbaumchaussee 77
+49 (0)40 45 33 26
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