Introduction to the exhibition

Public Lecture
Sunday, 13.9.2020
12:00 pm — 12:30 pm

The short lecture takes you in about 30 minutes through the topics of the exhibition David Hockney. Works from the Tate Collection. Our art educators will give you an initial overview and explain the diverse work of the British artist, using individual illustrations of his works. You can visit the exhibition on your own before or after the event.

The introduction will take place in the seated auditorium of the Bucerius Kunst Forum, considering the minimum distance. The number of participants is limited, we recommend to book your tickets online in advance.

Contact information

Please note that according to §7 of the legal regulation of June, 1st 2020, organisers are required to collect the contact information of all participants in order to trace possible chains of infection. The contact information must be submitted to the responsible authorities upon request and will be deleted after a four-week retention period. The Bucerius Kunst Forum will collect your data immediately prior to the start of the event.


Ticket 2 euros (plus exhibition ticket)

Tickets can be purchased at the cash desk of the Bucerius Kunst Forum or in our ticket shop.

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