Marc Chagall. Life lines

8. October 2010 - 16. January 2011

Personal experiences are an integral part of Marc Chagall’s work. In paintings, drawings and prints his relationship to his wife Bella played an inspirational role. The exhibition "Marc Chagall. Life Lines" examines the special relationship between the painter and his wife in light of his artistic work. For the first time, this exhibition will link events in Chagall’s life directly to his works. The starting point will be Chagall’s illustrations for his autobiography "My Life" and for the books "First Encounter" and "Burning Lights" written by Bella. Memories of his childhood and youth spent in the Shtetl Vitebsk provide a treasure trove of images which reappear in many forms in his paintings and remained a significant factor in Chagall’s mature work. Special focus will be placed on how Chagall dealt with his role as an artist, insights into his self-image as an artist, and the way he dealt with the Holocaust, a very personal subject for him since he came from a Jewish family. 

The exhibition will present the Chagall Collection from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem for the first time in Germany. It will be complemented by loans from German and international collections such as the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf, the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart and major private collections.